Thursday, December 22, 2005

Lunch 12-22-2005

Try one of these specials with your lunch:


  1. After Jews leave, Arabs unable to successed in gr

    The Arab world not just the Palestinians has squandered its great wealth trying to destroy Israel rather than develop a vibrant economy that could be independent of oil

  2. Study: Overwork damages morale more than deployments

    You would think that working all those hours, all those days, with only a measley $450 extra per month would have made me disgruntled and ready to quit. Nope. I believed in the mission and was willing to put in the time to do everything I could to make...

  3. It's a Saddam Hussein Christmas!

    And those beeches wouldn't give me any aftershave or cologne. Animals, freakin' animals I tell ya! I have very sensitive slin. I'm a sensitive flower child.

  4. It's Christmas, not Xmas!

    Perhaps Pogo was right and the offended folks in the "Save Christmas!" movement may have only themselves to blame. How many of the offended have ever succumbed to the expediency of calling it Xmas?


  5. Florida the rules are different here Chapter XII

    You have to love Florida Politicians. Our Attorney General Charlie Crist is a crusader for anti-spam laws. Guess what? Crist has been acquiring Floridian's emails so as to tout his gubenatorial campaign and ask for campaign contributions. The campaig...

  6. The Sugar Plum Fairy

    "Greeted by lavish celebrations and a beautiful fairy dressed in pink spun sugar, wearing a dazzling iced-sugar crown"...
    (This was the Sugar Plum Fairy)..

  7. Video shows Israeli police need serious reform

    Here's an article and a video that shows just why some Israeli police officers are in serious need of psychologists


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