Thursday, December 29, 2005

Longer Than I Expected

Yes, it's taking longer than I expected to make the code changes. Perhaps I shouldn't have upgraded to WordPress 2.0, but I'm so far into it that I'm not going back.

No, if you're looking to upgrade to WordPress 2.0, you shouldn't worry about having such issues. But if you notice all the stuff in the sidebar, you'll see that there's lots of stuff that I added (BlogRolls, etc). And I'm looking to have "skins" or "themes" available, so I'm having to add the stuff to different themes. And something that works in one theme doesn't necessary work (or look) the same in another theme.

Anyway, don't let this discourage you from upgrading to WordPress 2.0 if your plug-ins are compatible. Oh, yeah, that's the other issue. Plug-ins I was using aren't compatible with 2.0 and I'm having to find replacement plug-ins.

Bottom line is, I really hope to finish soon. It's late. Or early. I've been up for hours and have watched way too much television. They got some odd stuff on Adult Swim, by the way.

So, I'm going to stay at this for as long as I can, crawl in bed when I'm too tired to stay at it, then jump back at it. That's been some of what has caused problems: getting tired and messing stuff up and having to step back and try stuff again when I wake up.

Gosh, I hope I get this finished soon.

UPDATE: I found the problem that had taken so long. WordPress 2.0 has a preview box on the post create/edit page. It's different from the one on the previous version. The new version actually shows the post inside an IFRAME tag. That's not a problem, unless you do something like I was doing.

I'm one of those that don't like my pages appearing in a frame on another page. Not that I expect that to happen, but there are some sites that "steal" content by actually including a page inside their pages via frames. It's just something I don't like. So, I used a piece of JavaScript to "break out" of frames.

Well, since the post displays inside an IFRAME, the "breakout" code was kicking in and causing the post to move to the top. Which meant that I couldn't edit pages. And it took me several hours to find that's what I was running into.

So, if you're looking to upgrade to WordPress 2.0, don't have "breakout" code in your pages. Or you'll waste many hours figuring out why you can create a post, but can't edit it.

UPDATE: 3:08 AM - Close to being finished. Still a couple of more features to implement. But I'm exhausted. So, I'll be finishing up in a few hours, I expect.


  1. I'll be spending many hours trying to figure out what you are talking about, Basil. Now you know why I use Blogger. Me a simple-minded man.

  2. Perhaps it's because I've been up so late.

  3. ((((hugs sweetie))) When this is all over, I know you'll have a great post full of tips about upgrading to WP2.0. And we will all benefit from it.

  4. It is always so rewarding to "fix" something or complete a project that seems impossible to do. However....
    Why on earth would you work so long and hard on something if you are too tired to do it correctly and have to do it all over again and risk harming your health by not taking care of yourself?
    I look forward to your answer. It will probably be nonsensical but sound logical and reasonable.

  5. Well, I had hoped to get it all done before you logged on and started asking silly questions...

  6. Welcome back. I didn't realize that I actually came (lurked) here two or three a day.

    I need to see someone about this.


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