Thursday, December 15, 2005

Headlines News 12-15-2005

From CNN:
NASA plans redesign of shuttle's fuel tank
Next year, reinventing the wheel

From CNN:
Deal agreed on U.S. bill banning torture
Must now decide whether to keep, or trade for what's behind the curtain

From CNN:
Zarqawi mistakenly released, official says
Bin Laden's release was intentional

From CNN:
One in 20 U.S. adults not literate in English
19 in 20 not literate in Spanish

From KSBW:
Mountain lions spotted near seaside town
Lions further inland have solid coat

From WEWS:
Ford plant to close today
Company still has money to advertise in gay magazines

From CNN:
Microsoft warns of Windows flaw
Security patch available at

From ABC News:
Icy Storm Cuts Power to 350,000 in South
Bush blamed

From ABC News:
Japanese Get Fat Penguins to Exercise
Riddler, Joker resist

From ABC News:
Holiday Parties a Headache for Managers
Also called hangovers


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  2. The Anti-Democratic Left

    What lies beyond democracy is the welfare state. Susan Rice wants the old model of "democracies" propped up by U.S. dollars.


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