Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Headlines News 12-13-2005

From CNN:
Hunters helped save rare bird from extinction
Really bad shots

From ABC News:
AP: More Blacks Live With Pollution
Al Sharpton: Pollution is racist

From ABC News:
10-Year-Old Writes Advice Book
Solution to most problems described as holding breath until turning blue

From ABC News:
Virgin Spaceport to Be Built in N.M.
Will replace that slut, Cape Canaveral

From ABC News:
Underwear Thief Reaches Plea Deal in Ore.
Gnome arrested

From ABC News:
Navy Wife Kept Company By a Mannequin
Primary complaint: "He just lays there"

From ABC News:
Blacks, Women Underrepresented in Lung Cancer Trials: Study
Plan underway to cause more cancer, increase study participants

From ABC News:
A $12 Million Bra . . . and Other Fantasy Gifts
Purchased by world's biggest boob

From ABC News:
Rap Star 50 Cent Joins Movie Mobsters
They were coming apart

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