Friday, December 16, 2005

Do You Believe That Idiot?

So, I've been following Steve H. and his posts about Pajamas Media. And he makes a reference to that idiot The Liberal Avenger who discovered that Michelle Malkin's picture was missing from the Pajamas Site.

So, I click around and find it. They didn't remove it. They just moved it. So I go to post a comment at Hog On Ice. But I see someone else found it. So I head back to TLA. Nothing about it. So I post a comment, listing the link.

What does that idiot TLA do? He edits my comment to make it look like I posted a link to my blog. Like I need that.

Remember, this is the same clown that took offense to my saying "The Liberal Avenger says if you're White, Christian, Right-Wing Republican, and Straight, you hate America." Even though that's what he said.

Then he accused me of deleting his comment.

I'm thinking he got confused over the post. He wrote on the Lunch post, then couldn't find it on the Breakfast post and his brain went into lock. But his being confused isn't suprising to me in the least.

But, editing my comment to make me appear a simple link-whore? Dude. Low class. Or no class. Either way, TLA: you're an idiot.

Just so we're clear.


  1. I'd go with the no class option.

    But I mean really can we expect any better from a party that Idolizes Michael Moore, Howie Dean and Cindy Shesaman?

  2. I've never had the urge, desire or will to change or delete someones comments on my blog. I can't even understand what would would possess a person to do so.

  3. Sorry I haven't been here for a while Basil,but the TLA is typical of modern leftism.He needs to quit refererring to himself as a liberal because according to the classical defintion of the term he and the modern Democrats are so far and away from that philosophy it is more of damning thing.This is why they have to keep coming with terms like progressivism and things like that.He also needs to remember everybody that is a Dem myself included are not for all this narcistic hednonism that the the party has come to stand for.I'm a Christian,I don't believe in Same Sex marriage and I am Black so that pokes a bunch of wholes in his silly argument there.Some of do take our walk with God very serious and he should also know that not everybody on the right is a Christian most are but not all.He needs to grow up.

  4. ya gotta hate a dumbass.

  5. Basil, no one edited your comment at the Liberal Avenger.

    You must have pasted the wrong link.

    The original post has been updated to reflect the moved profiles.

    If you would have asked to have the link fixed we would have done it.
    you just have to ask...


  6. No. I only paste what I copy. And I don't copy my own URL to the clipboard. I don't have any reason to.

    Michelle's new profile URL, I had reason to. It's what was in the clipboard when I originally pasted it in the Hog On Ice comment, before I saw it was already there by another commenter.

    That is when I went to TLA, checked the comments to see if someone else had already discovered it, then posted the comment, inluded the pasted link. I used CTRL-V to paste. My memory isn't perfect, but I remember this. Again, CTRL-V pastes what's in the clipboard. And like I said, my own URL isn't something I have need or reason to copy to the clipboard.

    You used "we" in your comment here. Unless that's the royal "we" (I'm guilty of using that here) then perhaps you have multiple people capable of editing it?

  7. then perhaps you have multiple people capable of editing it?

    Only two ... LA and myself (I do the webmastering)...

    And we don't change comments.


  8. And I don't paste what I don't copy.

    I don't know you, but I have no reason to doubt the sincerity in your belief in your statements.

    However, I hope you took the trouble to see LA's actions over here earlier. He's already proven his capability and willingness for not being honest.

    However, I will say I appreciate your tone in your comments here. Perhaps you can be a positive influence on LA.

  9. 1. I didn't edit your comment. That's silly.

    2. After somebody (you?) pointed out that Malkin's giant-head picture was still on the OSM site, just at another location, I updated the post to reflect that.

    P.S. In case your readers aren't familiar with Michelle's dishonest "ghost blogging," I'm posting a link to the story.


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