Tuesday, December 6, 2005

Breakfast 12-06-2005

Try one of these specials with your breakfast:


  1. Howard Dean Moonbat Perfection

    If there is ever to be an example of perfect moonbatery, Howard "The Scream" Dean has to be the front runner. His latest is exhibit one.
    Saying the "idea that we're going to win the war in Iraq is an idea which is just plain wrong," Democratic N...

  2. Why Do Liberals Hate Bush?

    Yes, the party of deceit hates Bush, because they hate truth - and Bush is a refreshingly truthful man. They fear his truth, because they know it can defeat their lies.


  3. The Palm Beach Post is going to the dogs

    For the second time in a month, The Post is featuring people fighting over a pet dog. As amusing or dumb these stories are, the paper is still delinquent on covering the missing Food stamp card story. The real priorities of my hometown newspaper are ...

  4. Vote for the Yak and Then Trackback (Midweek Open Trackbacks Party)

    Our buddy, The Random Yak is up for a Weblog Award as one of the Top blogs ranked between 5001-6750. Cast your vote here. The reason we're promoting the Yak here is because he's been a good friend of the site and has an advantage on the other ch...

  5. Johnson Resigns as Chairman of School board, Keep

    To be advertising one's self on the Internet in an explicit manner is not the roll model parents have in mind for their children.

  6. Reasons I Dislike USC and Why Texas Will Destroy Them In The Rose Bowl Volume 2

    So here is volume 2 of the reasons I dislike USC and Why Texas will Destroy them in the Rose Bowl. This feature will continue until they are crushed at the Rose Bowl or until I am selected in the MSM Blogger Draft being conducted over at Hughhewitt.com...

  7. Princeton Censors Ex-PLO Speakers; Likely to Hire PLO Professor

    Princeton U. Says Campus Event Against Terrorism is "Too Inflammatory"
    Princeton University has cancelled a speaking event by three former Middle East terrorists because it says that the use of the word "terrorist" in the promotion for the event i...

  8. Artfully Drawn Districts

    Tom DeLay has been in the news again recently regarding the redrawing of political districts in Texas. I'll be honest -- I haven't been following that closely, so I'm not up on all the facts.

  9. The Glass Artesian

    The uniqueness of this is Artesian, is truly remarkable, whether he is creating a 100,000 pound wall of neon ice, or a 40 ft glass chandelier. Interesting Videos...

  10. Post Insinuates Sanctions Caused Iranian C-130 Cr

    A C-130 (American made) military cargo plane crashed into a military based apartment building in Iran killing 94 passengers onboard and at least 24 on the ground. The Washington Post reports:

  11. The Chicago Way

    Mexican drug—you're not going to believe this—Mexican drug cartels are running marijuana farms in the United States.

  12. Saudis have radicalized 80% of US mosques

    By HAVIV RETTIG, JPOST Mainstream US Muslim organizations are heavily influenced by Saudi-funded extremists, according to Yehudit Barsky, an expert on terrorism at the American Jewish Committee. Worse still, Barsky told The Jerusalem Post last week, th...


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