Wednesday, December 7, 2005

Confederate Yankee

I've been debating with myself regarding commenting on the Weblog Awards category "Best Of Top 251-500" category. This is one of those categories that really hurts, because there are some blogs in this category that are not just regular reads, but daily must-reads.

Florida Cracker, and Straight White Guy are regular reads. Of course, baldilocks, Ex-Donkey Blog, and Nickie Goomba are three you must read every day.

Any one of these five would be an easy pick for this category ... were it not for the others of these five on the same list!

Yeah, this category is a hard one.

But there's one blog I haven't mentioned that gets my vote. Confederate Yankee.

Confederate Yankee is almost a misnomer now that Bob moved back to the south. But while he's moved south, his blog has moved forward. You'll find something funny, something outrageous, something thought-provoking, something uplifting ... always something that's worth a read.

But there's one thing about Confederate Yankee that stands out, and it's on a personal level.

Early on in the life of this little blog (364 days old now), we received lots of support and encouragement from Confederate Yankee. However he found us (IMAO), he's been there for us.

Now, you must know that baldilocks, Ex-Donkey Blog, and Nickie Goomba are all worthy of your vote. And my vote. But, with all respect to those three, I have to vote for Confederate Yankee. I'm not doing so reluctantly, because I'm happy to give Bob my vote.

Honestly, I'm quite bothered by not saying vote for baldilocks, Ex-Donkey Blog, and Nickie Goomba, and I'm bothered by not supporting them. But when I saw Confederate Yankee on the list, there was no hesitation on my part. I'm not at all bothered by saying vote for Confederate Yankee in the Top 251-500 Blogs category.

I've not been happy with my endoresment of Confederate Yankee. I should say, I'm not happy with the way I've conveyed it.

Let me offer this: At work, the cafeteria will ... on some days ... offer three great lunch specials. And I can only order one. So, I order only one, and enjoy the meal. I shouldn't sit and think about the other specials I didn't order.

It's like that. I can't vote for all of them. But I'm happy with the one for whom I am voting.

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