Wednesday, December 7, 2005

Hooah Kid

We've been reluctant to endorse very many blogs in this year's Weblog Awards. Mostly because we've got multiple favorites in many of the categories.

But for the "Best of the Rest" category, we're casting our vote for Hooah Kid.

In all honesty, until recently, I wasn't familiar with any of the blogs in that category. But I looked them over. All of them. And you should too. I may be wrong (I've been wrong before), but none of these blogs will remain in that category for long. If the bloggers keep at it, they will get seen by a big blogger someday and move up in the system on a big scale. I have added almost every one of them to my blogroll. I'll be back.

But having said that those in the category are quality blogs, I'm voting for Hooah Kid.


He reminds me of my son when I was in the Army. My son didn't have a blog, of course. But, like Hooah Kid, he was proud of his daddy. And that makes a father feel good. Real good.

Hooah Kid, your daddy is off serving his country. You should be proud. And he should be proud of you. You got my vote.

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  1. All He Wants for Christmas & Hanukkah...

    Apparently the Weblog Awards were shaken up a bit when one of the finalists in my son's category was getting tons of votes. It seems that finalist was endorsed by a big blog. So, what is a mother to do? Of course, e-mail every big blog she personally...


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