Monday, December 5, 2005

Lunch 12-05-2005

Try one of these specials with your lunch:


  1. The Knucklhead of the Day award

    Today's winner is Palm Beach Post columnist George McEvoy

  2. Guard the Borders: Illegals Hurt Americans

    An amnesty or guest-worker plan helps no one but those who aren’t supposed to be here in the first place. 730,000 Americans each year already are being displaced from the workforce.

  3. Mexican 'FBI' Investigates 1/5 of Agents

    The reason is that the adults were still children themselves, mental wards of the state.

  4. hahaahaaaaaaaaaa. phin and his damn midgets.


  5. 4th Annual Warblogger Awards for 2005

    RightWingNews publishes the results for the 2005 Warblooger Awards. Mark in Mexico's peerless analysis follows;

  6. Cube Humor - Death Row

    So, somehow my co-workers got on the topic of death row inmates…
    We noted that inmates walk to their death; no fighting, spitting, kicking, etc.
    We noted that if it were one of us we would punch the priest, kick the guard in the package, spit,...

  7. A 'Sponge' Replies

    A 'Sponge' Replies

    Imagine reading this after living in a zone of destruction for 3 months:

    I see where Mississippi is all upset because Louisiana is hogging all the spotlight and is first in line for federal aid for Hurricane Katrina. Char...

  8. ... But We Support The Troops!

    Can someone explain to be exactly what type of person would coach their child to write this screed? This is well beyond the pale.

  9. Do you Have Blog Envy?

    Do you have blog envy? Are you a blogger who secretly wishes that your blog was more like another. Do you wish that you had more comments or that your commenters were cooler and more clever.

    Do you ever wish that your posts were smarter and wittier....

  10. Sean Hannity Is Hot On The Riviera Beach Story

    Sean Hannity will be in Riviera Beach this week. The displacement of all these people is nothing to ignore. This could happen to any community in the United States. Previously posted: Discord in Riviera Beach Riviera Beach To Displace 6000 Residents.L...

  11. A Disgusting Death Wish To A Soldier

    Joshua Sparling6900 Georgia Ave NWBldg. 2 Ward 57Washington, DC 20307-5001 That is the address of a soldier that received one card. That Card written in a child's hand wished him death. That card was the only one that he received in the week that he ...


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