Monday, September 19, 2005

Carnival Of Comedy Is Coming

Carnival of ComedyThis week's Carnival of Comedy will be ... here!

Yes, we're hosting the Carnival of Comedy. And boy have we bit off more than we can chew this time.

But the good news is, there'll be funny stuff here. So, even if I suck, the stuff that's submitted will be ... well ... funny. That's why it's called the Carnival of Comedy.

So, there will be an extra-special post on Thursday, celebrating the Carnival.

So, get your sausage dogs, your candy apples, and ... oh, wait. Wrong kind of Carnival.

Heck, load up on the junk food anyway. We'll have a blast!

To submit your post to the Carnival of Comedy, use the Carnival Submission Form from Conservative Cat.


  1. Blog Carnival index: Carnival Of Comedy Is Coming

    CARNIVAL OF COMEDY is looking for submissions. See this post at basil's blog!


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