Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Lunch: 9/21/2005

Try one of these specials with your lunch:

  • Kender loses a family member.

  • Acidman (Gut Rumbles) finds another reason to ban SUVs.

  • Is It Just Me? watching Rita.

  • Jennifer has written an unwritten essay.

  • JRB Technology finds another way around Microsoft's Software Validation.

  • InstaPundit updates Porkbusters.

  • Tom (Hamstermotor) just won't quit reading letters to the newpaper.

  • Hubris isn't happy with the direction of the Nancy Drew movie.

  • Bill (INDC Journal) is still sleeping. But rolled over and mumbled.


  1. XXX President Find Product He can Really Get Into

    Ex-President Clinton has given support and his name to a product being produced in China.

  2. Harry Reid and the Democrats: On the Wrong Train

    Immersed in denial that they are still in the minority, Dems have hitched their cars to Deans locomotive of hate, with Reid as the conductor. Their position that no future Bush nominee to the right of OConnor will be acceptable is a bra...

  3. who are they protecting?

    Strata-sphere has the lowdown on able danger 9/11 Hearings and an open thread for discussion , 9/11 families aren't too happy with the Pentagon

  4. Gays: We Demand Equal Treatment - Even Though Were Mentally Ill

    This one made me laugh, and its so indicative of the level of hate these lefties have. Love in Action, Inc., a Christian-based organization that seeks to help gays and lesbians get straight through a live-in facility, has been shut down by the...

  5. Update On Roberts

    The Los Angeles Times gives a Stern warning to Democrats in the Senate over the Roberts

  6. Cindy Should Meet The President -- Of Iraq

    That's right. Cindy Sheehan should go to Iraq

  7. Sheehan's Hope-o-Matic

    Tim Blair takes a very wicked cut at the New York Times for some really s...

  8. These are some pictures taken as Katrina approache

    I just recieved these pics in an email from a family member she got them through a friend , gee why couldn't they send these when I was blogging about the storm .
    May God keep us safe from these deadly storms . In fact


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