Saturday, September 17, 2005

Blog Interview Response

Wow! All I can say is "Wow!"

It's a weekend and blog traffic is, naturally, down from weekdays. And I thought that, by next weekend, I'd have two or three blogs agreeing to be inteviewed.

In less than 24 hours, nine have agreed. That's three times as many in one-seventh the time.

You guys are awesome. And, you've put me on the spot.

You see, quite honestly, I figured it would take a week (or longer) to get my initial target of five blogs lined up. And I figured I'd throw myself in the mix to bring it up to five or six if necessary. And I figured I'd have at least a week before I began scheduling interviews and taking questions. So, you've caught me with my pants down, so to speak.

But, hey, that's what life in the blogosphere is all about.

So, here's what we'll do. I have posted a list of the blogs, the blogger's name, and a link to ask questions of the blogger. I'll be keeping that list updated as we go along, so the date of the interview will be listed, also. The idea is a page that's updated with the most recent and accurate information regarding that blogger interview.

Oh, and the planned Sunday post was about the Catfish. Yes, the season ended a couple of weeks back, but I was going to have a final 2005 season wrap-up with some personal notes about the Catfish, as a team, as an organization, and as individuals. But, hey, maybe next weekend.

This weekend, you've just surprised me with the response to the Blog Interview query. So, if you have a question for a blogger, check the Blog Interview List for the link to submit your questions.

Oh, and we're still building a pool of blogs to be interviewed. If you have a blog and consent to be interviewed, use this e-mail link:

And, thanks.


  1. This is going to be so cool! I thought about signing up, but I'm so boring LOL

  2. Lol, that's what you get. I can't wait to read your interviews!

  3. devildog6771:
    I can't wait for the first one, either. I'll add you to the list, okay?

  4. Jo:
    I'll put you down for Tuesday.

    Nah, seriously, I'll add you to the list and work out something on the schedule ... sometime.

    If that's okay?

  5. OO! OO! Is it too late to sign up to be interviewed?

  6. Oddybobo:
    It's never too late. You are on the list.

  7. Linky Love

    A couple quick things to post that you need to see:

  8. not sure how interesting I am but what the hell...

    Add me in!

  9. Basil's Blog Bull Session

    Basil has decided to conduct Blogger interviews.

    (I fear he may have caught a line drive with his forehead at one of his Catfish games recently)

  10. Peakah:
    Got you on the list. Thanks!


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