Friday, September 23, 2005

Headline News 2005-09-23

From ABC News:
Shanghai Bans Chinese Internet Slang Terms
Slang Shanghaied

From ABC News:
Goodyear sees run-flat tires as key
How to fit them in pocket only obstacle remaining

From ABC News:
Voice Over Internet Both Simple, Complex
Will allow Senators to vote for a bill before they vote against it

From ABC News:
Menopause Years Especially Tough for Execs
Difficult for their wives, too

From ABC News:
Coppola to End 8-Year Absence From Movies
Was upset no one realized he was absent

From ABC News:
Actress Says JetBlue Landing Was 'Surreal'
Charo, Vern Troyer land plane

From BBC:
Vatican 'to ban new gay priests'
Old gay priests still allowed

From ABC News:
Johnson death reignites abolition debate
Sen. Robert Byrd (D-WV) still opposes abolition of slavery

From Guardian Unlimited:
UK Police Arrest Man Under Anti-Terror Law
How man got under law is uncertain

From CBS News:
Photo IDs Threaten Voting Reform
Requiring proof of eligibility dooms Democratic voters


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  2. Cannon Foder

    Isn't it amazing that on the eve of what the lefties have been claiming will be the largest protest on Capitol Hill a story would come out that one of our most esteemed and respected Army units, the 82nd Airborne, would have accusations hurled at it by...


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