Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Changing ISPs

We're getting DSL. The modem arrived Wednesday evening and I'm jumping into the installation.

Now, we've not suffered through dial-up all this time. We've been using the Internet connection through the cable company. It's not a large cable company like Mediacom or Comcast or such. It's a small company. But their high-speed Intenet connection works.

Why the change?

Well, we used BellSouth dial-up for a bit. We'd tried AT&T, MCI, MSN, AOL, Mindspring (now Earthlink), and others. Some worked fine. Some didn't. But BellSouth worked great. For a dial-up service.

And the only reason we switched was because high-speed became available through the cable company. If it hadn't, I suspect we'd still be with BellSouth. But it did come available, and it was the only high-speed access available. So we switched.

Now, the cable connection has been pretty good. It's fast. It's pretty reliable. But the big difference is, it's not always there. Sometimes the cable goes out. And when it does, we call the cable company.

On the phone.

On the phone from BellSouth.

The people who now also offer high-speed Internet service.

So, we're going to try BellSouth DSL.

Don't know how long it might take to set up, if all goes right. And certainly no idea if issues pop up.

So, let's hope it all goes well and I don't suffer Internet withdrawal. I'm hard enough to deal with when I get me recommended daily allowance of Internet. Keep the wife in your thoughts.


  1. Welcome to Bellsouth DSL!!! Like I told you before, Ivan came through -- and since we didn't loose power, we didn't loose the phone, and we didn't loose the internet connection. It's so easy to hook up btw -- even my husband read the instructions and could do it! :P

  2. I have DSL through Bellsouth. Let me know if I can help. In fact, I set up a wireless network and have loved it. Nothing says FUN like a DSL router. ;-)

  3. umm, if internet via phone company goes out...who ya gonna call?

    lol...just asking...

  4. Jo:
    The fact that the cable goes out a whole lot more than the phone goes out (phone hasn't gone out in nearly 9 years I've been here) was a big factor in choosing BellSouth DSL.

    So far, so good.

    vw bug:
    Thanks for the offer. And, as Friday's post indicated, I did take you up on the offer. Thank you for all the help!

    Actually, I asked that question in reverse for the folks that use Vonage or other Internet-based telephone service.

    Like I said to Jo, the phone service here is great. It doesn't go out. Cable does.


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