Sunday, September 18, 2005

Headline News 2005-09-18

Running the risk of falling flat by repeating something successful from the previous day. I'm out of town this weekend, returning sometime tonight. And, hoping to repeat the success of last night's "Self Service Headline News," I'm again asking you to supply headlines and silly/funny/clever/amusing/interesting comments to go along with them.

Eyes On The Ball News and Shoot a Liberal contributed Headline News posts, and that's much appreciated. If you inspiration for your Headline News, check those out.

Leave your Headlines in the comments, or if post Headlines on your blog, link to this post and send a TrackBack.

We'll be back with our own Headlines tomorrow night. But, for tonight, enjoy the ones that are being submitted by readers or other bloggers. I know I'll be checking them out and enjoying them.


  1. Are We Bloggers Just As Fickle As The MSM?

    While searching for the latest headlines I found "Keeping Natalee in the Spotlight" from

  2. I love your blog. I about spewed coffee on my monitor reading your "headlines." Awesome!!

    Threw you on my blogroll. Definitely be back!

  3. Give Us The Memos

    Hat tip to Pattericos Ponifications
    Certain memos that could very well play an instrumental part in the confirmation process of John Roberts are being concealed from the public. But we are not talking about the Solicitor General...

  4. Roberts Tries a New Tactic With The Press

    Linked to basil's blog's Headline News. Yea, I know it doesn't fit, but I think that he'll find it funny. Hey, it is a picture from Yahoo!


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