Monday, September 19, 2005

Headline News 2005-09-19

From ABC News:
School Athlete Has Bear for a Playmate
And a moose for a Penthouse Pet

From ABC News:
US oks emergency oil loan for Total
Loan for Rice Krispies still pending

From ABC News:
Kerry, Edwards Blast Bush Over Katrina
Claim they had a plan to stop hurricanes in the Atlantic

From CNN:
Schools turn attention to the Constitution
Eager to study document before judge outlaws it

From CNN:
Britney gives birth to baby boy
Just the latest male to spend time inside her

From CNN:
Aquarium dolphin rescue begins
Aquaman finally useful

From WDIV:
Man charged after urinating on woman
And boy, is she pissed!

From CNN:
Iran gathers allies in nuclear row
Uncertain how many countries will sign the 'Want To Get Caught In The Fallout' Treaty

From Reuters:
No Rice at U.N. dinner on women's rights
But lots of Kool-Aid

From The Courier-Mail:
Bush thanks OPEC for extra oil
Wants to know where to deliver the blood


  1. Monday

    Scheiss Weekly: Talk Like a Pirate Day Basil's Blog: Headline News Therapist: Nagin To Recieve Rabies Shots Amid Attempts To Repopulate Still-Flooded New Orleans Platypus Society: Thank G- um, Well Scrappleface: North Korea Vows to Give Up Nukes, Lyin...

  2. "Britney gives birth to baby boy...Just the latest male to spend time inside her"

    Alright, basil. That's the LAST time I drink diet coke and visit YOUR blog.

    Heh. Ow.


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