Thursday, September 22, 2005

Carnival Of Comedy Turns 21

Carnival of ComedyWelcome to the Carnival of Comedy! It's a special edition, as the Carnival turns 21 today. Well, it's the 21st edition of the Carnival, and that only happens once. Unless I double-post. But I won't. I promise. Too much funny makes you wet your pants, and I don't want to have to clean that up.

Now, you'll want to read this one carefully because SpaceMonkey will not let me host again. You see, my instructions are to split them up into three categories:

  • Real Funny
  • Sorta Funny
  • Not That Funny

Let's make SpaceMonkey mad and ignore him! Bwah-ha-ha-ha!

You see, that's payback to Mr. SpaceMonkey. Seems he gave me the keys to the Carnival of the Lame Posts. Yes, all the submissions are getting trashed today. We've lumped them all together in a fourth category: Stuff Worthy Of Being Made Fun Of.

Now, I'm going to get serious here for a second. Most of these
submissions were indeed funny. I've had a little fun at their expense.
In all honest, I had a difficult time putting them into the three
categories. Each one had it's own special type humor. From silly, to
clever, to mean, to touching, ... well, you get the idea.

To each of the bloggers that submitted: Thanks.

To each of the readers today: I hope you enjoyed my little jabs in addition to the funny stuff in the posts.

To SpaceMonkey: Thanks for letting me play along.

To IMAO: Thanks for the Carnival of Comedy. And for making your stuff available for Pod People.

To Conservative Cat: Thanks for all your help with the submissions!

Oh, and don't forget the upcoming Carnivals of Comedy:

Thanks for playing along.


  1. I know where you live, Basil!!, really. I don't. Thanks for hosting the carnival!

  2. Thursday Specials

    1. Basil is hosting the Carnival of Comedy today. Stop by and chuckle a bit.

    2. TMH?s Bacon Bits has a must read on Dingy Harry Reid and Judges here.

    3. Kit from euphoric reality advises us on the mentally ill Gay and Lesbian folks in Tenneessee ...

  3. Blog Carnival index: Carnival Of Comedy Turns 21

    CARNIVAL OF COMEDY is now up at basil's blog!

  4. This Week's Carnivals, Symphonies, and Bonfires

    The Carnival of Comedy is up at basil's blog and it's done "Bonfire" style. Put the cup on or get your feelings hurt.


    Yes, if weeks were years and blogs were people, the Carnival of Comedy could go out and buy itself a drink.

    And if my Grandma had a beard, she'd be Grandpa.

    The twenty-first Carnival of Comedy is up at Basil's Blog. We all could use a good laug...

  6. Napoleon the 13th is coming to take you away, ha-ha, he-he, ho-ho...

  7. Carnival of Comedy 21

    The Carnival of Comedy XX is up at Either Orr.

    Football theme good.

    Comedy good.

    Mmmm. a4g want weekend.

  8. Carnival of Comedy 21

    Basil hosts the 21st Carnival of Comedy, and proves the carnival can?t hold its liquor. Whew, what an angry drunk.

  9. Hey, thanks for posting my non-blog bit of humor, but I resemble that comment about my blog not being that funny, you have to admit the post on Crappy Franchise is pretty wild.

  10. no, i DON'T use pink TP (toilet paper I mean, my toothpaste might be). i would have said "pepto-dismal" colored. You'll be hearing from my lawyer as soon as I bail him out.

  11. Carnival of Satire #1

    Blogger Mark A. Rayner has posted the very first Carnival of Satire. Unlike, say, the Carnival of Comedy (hosted today by Basil), which includes any and all entries whose authors think theyre funny, the Carnival of Satire accepts only satire. (...

  12. Carnival of Comedy; Stuck on Stupid; PorkBusters

    A few Quick Hits that came back to me:
    My "Kids Say the Darnest Things" was chosen by the Carnival of Comedy #21;
    SortaPundit is concerned that "Stuck on Stupid" will become an annoying catchphrase - and has links to about 50 bloggers who wrote abo...

  13. Carnival, scratch that, BonFire of Comedy Number 21 is UP

    Apparently Mr BASIL (Hah all CAPS, thats right, that'll show you, you rebel) thinks he can just ignore my rules...

  14. Carnival, scratch that, BonFire of Comedy Number 21 is UP

    Apparently Mr BASIL (Hah all CAPS, thats right, that'll show you, you rebel) thinks he can just ignore my rules...

  15. If the Carnival of Comedy is turning 21 today, should I offer to buy it a drink?

  16. I read several of the funny posts.
    Buckley F. Williams, Pluto's Dad & Mr. right were my favs.
    I came here via Point Five which I just discovered yesterday.
    Keep up the fun!

  17. Someday I'll be funny enough to play, too.


  18. Steve the Pirate:
    Thanks for your submission. It was great!

    Two Dogs:
    Thank you!


    Hey, I went for a cheap joke. Yes, your stuff is funny. But, like I said, I went for the easy laugh.

    pastor mark:
    HA! Thanks!

    Mr. Right:
    Most folks think too much was drunk already.

    Jamie Dawn:
    Yes, those were funny! And some of my favorites, too. But really, everything submitted this week has its funny moments. And why don't you submit something next week. Maybe something with "dog butt-sniffing?" Not that you'd write anything like that, of course!

    Join in the fun with Steve next week!

  19. I'm upset because you barely even insulted mine! :-P

  20. Friday Linky Stuff

    Carnival of Comedy #21 is up at Basil's Blog. The Best of Me Symphony #96 will be at The Owner's Manual. Entry deadline is midnight Sunday. E-mail to with subject line Best of Me Symphony. will be hosting

  21. 21st Carnival of Comedy

    It's the 21st so make sure to pony up and buy Basil some shots!

  22. Harvey:
    That's because it was barely worth reading! Duh!

    Seriously, I enjoyed the post.

  23. Happy, Fun Sunday Stuff

    We have an excellent assortment of Carnivals for your Sunday afternoon reading pleasure. Take your time and enjoy. Carnival of the Insanities at Dr. Sanity RINO Sightings XI: Hornitarian Jihad at Evolution Carnival of Comedy: Barely Finally Legal Editi...

  24. Carnival of Comedy

    The Carnival of Comedy is up.



    The following people were kind enough to include me in their link-fests: Best of Me Symphony at The Owner's Manual Bonfire of the Vanities at File It Under Carnival of Crazy at File It Under Carnival of the Vanities at...


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