Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Covered Dish Supper: 9/28/2005

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  1. Cuckoo Over Cooing

    Calderdale Royal Hospital in Halifax has asked visitors to stop cooing at newborns.

  2. Democrats Demonizing DeLay

    Just in time for Halloween.
    When the news broke this afternoon about Tom DeLays indictment, we made a prediction or, better said, a statement of the obvious: the MSM would waste no time to cover this story in a feeding frenzy unlike we...

  3. Since your update, I can't seem to do trackbacks here anymore, so here's a link anyways.

    "Don't Get Stuck On Stupid!" says:
    And you wonder why we call them the Loonie Left?

  4. DigSauce:
    Odd, because the update consisted of applying a new style sheet and rearranging content. The host/server is still the same, so any issues may coincide with the change, but are not because of the change in appearance.

    All of the problems so far seem to be sending or receiving TrackBacks to or from HaloScan. I'd be curious as to whether TrackBacks sent to other TypePad-hosted blogs from HaloScan are also experiencing issues.

    It could be something here, but it'd be unrelated to the change in style sheets, since the pings are actually sent to and not to


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