Saturday, September 17, 2005

The Blog Interviews

NOTE: This page has expired. The Blog Interviews information can be found on the following pages:
Here is the list of bloggers that have agreed to be interviewed. They are in order of acceptance, not necessarily in order of interview. The date of the interview will be scheduled based upon the following, in this order:
  • The schedule of the blogger
  • The number of questions for the blogger
  • The order of interview acceptance
  • Random chance
To send your question(s) to a blogger, use the link next to the blogger's name in the table below.

Note: Don't ask anything you don't want the whole world to know that you asked. Your name may be shared during the interview.

Updated: 3/19/2006


We're still building a pool of bloggers to be interviewed. If you consent to be interviewed, use this e-mail link:

Check back often for the most up-to-date information.


  1. Blog interviews

    At his eponymous blog, Basil is resurrecting the blog interview.
    Im on the interview list, so if you have anything youve been burning to know, send in a question.


  2. Interviews!

    basil's interviewing bloggers round the 'sphere. Go there to ask questions of your favorites including yours truly! Oh, and if you haven't read my last post do so, and stay tuned for more about my trip to the Land of...

  3. Around the Blogosphere

    It is a really slow news day but there are other developments.

  4. Interview Questions

    It had to happen one day. I opened my mouth and stuck my foot in it. I told Basil that if he was desperate to interview someone, he could use me. He ended up with a number of people volunteering...


    I'm debating whether to sign up. Meanwhile, peruse the list of upcoming victims & submit questions. If you're stumped, try these for inspiration....

  6. Volunteerism is a Southern woman's duty.

    Growing up, I was always that kid who got volunteered to do things...even if I was in absentia at the moment. Whether I was tutoring some little stinkin' country kid on reading or delivering fruit baskets to the sick and...

  7. Linky Love

    A couple quick things to post that you need to see:

  8. An Interview?

    Basil is conducting blog interviews, as has been pointed out by countless others. So far, there are a few Bad Example Family members, and one of the folks who worked on this blog waiting in line. Plus, many more. Make...

  9. Questions needed

    Dont forget to send in questions for the resurrection of the blog-interview at Basils Blog. (By the way, Im on the list, you can send in questions to, but be sure to tell him who your questions are f...

  10. Basil's Interviews

    Basil is asking for volunteers for interviews! I volunteered. What the hell?!? Have some questions? Ask Your Questions Here!! Want to be interviewed? Let Basil Know!...

  11. Is parading empty, flag draped coffins a first ame

    The picture showed a bunch of anti-war protestors marching at the end of the protest rally's parade carrying flag draped coffins. When I saw this picture I was shocked.

  12. Blog Interviews

    Basil at Basil's Blog is doing interviews. Go ask a question of one of your favorite Bloggers or sign up to be interviewed!

  13. This Week's Carnivals, Symphonies, and Bonfires

    The blog interviews are underway at Basil's Blog. Dammit, when did he hit the shift key on them b's?

  14. Got Questions?

    I've been moved up the Blogger Interview schedule at Basil's Blog. I'm excited I've been asked to participate and if there is any question you'd like me to answer in the course of the interview, go to the first link...

  15. Kit Heidi Interviews @ Basils Blog

    Oy veyIve always figured the less you know about me the better. So the fact that Ive agreed to answer questions from the public at large is a little unnerving. But hell, Ive written some pretty strong and controversial st...

  16. Blastnostricful

    Today's dose of NIF - News, Interesting & Funny ... It's a Kerry-180 Tuesday

  17. Blog interview

    (This post will stay at the top for a while)
    Basil, at his eponymous weblog, has resurrected the blog interview, and I am on the list of victims interviewees. Due to my anticipated travel over my birthday, my interview has been delayed a bit to give...

  18. Odds And Ends For Wednesday

    I will not blog about the Saddam trial. You are intelligent readers, you dont need to come here and see my commentary on the whole thing. You can get all your Saddam trial stuff over at Michelle Malkins place.
    On to other things. Looky ...

  19. Only four more days to ask your questions!

    I’m signed up for a blog-interview at Basil’s Blog, and the closing date for questions is Friday, November 4, so if you have a question you want to see me try to answer, go to Basil’s interview page, or click here.

    NOTE: Th...

  20. Interview

    Well, I signed up to be interviewed here. Knowing me, I'll probably regret it. Or forget it. Or regret forgetting it. Or forget regretting it. Or some variation thereof.

  21. [...] I’m signed up for a blog-interview at Basil’s Blog, and the closing date for questions is Friday, November 4, so if you have a question you want to see me try to answer, go to Basil’s interview page, or click here. [...]

  22. Do ya wanna?

    Do you wanna know something about me? Anything at all? Well, I am being interviewed by basil and you can send your questions until the 19th. All questions will be answered. Go see the details here. But, one thing. I...

  23. Who's Askin'?

    I know I'm still relatively new to the blogging community and as such may not be the most interesting thing to talk about. Regardless of that, I have offered to be subject to an interview over at Basil's Blog.

    Place your questions. Do your worst. ...

  24. G'wan and Ask.

    Remember when I said I would be interviewed at basil's blog and that you should go ask those nagging questions that have been itching in your brain about me? Well, here's some impetus: questioning will close on 12/17. Just click...


    Bloggranddaughter Sissy of ...And What Next is getting ready to be interviewed up at Basil's Blog. Questions due by 12-17-05. E-mail with subject "Questions for Sissy of And What Next", or go to the interview page, scro...

  26. How are you picking the people you interview? Just curious on the process :)


  27. I'm not picking them. They are volunteering. As listed above. At the bottom of the list.

    I am picking the order, but it's based on the criteria listed above. At the top of the list.

  28. Sunday Open Post Extravaganza

    Stop by Basil's Blog Interviews and leave a question or two for me... my interview is approaching!

  29. Blog Interviews

    Go check out basil's blog. Scroll down to find "Fiddle Dee Dee" and ask me a question!!...

  30. Who Knew?...

    All I know is somehow I won in a category that had far better nominees than my site. But all I have to say about that is SCOREBOARD! Check the scoreboard y'all!...

  31. Interview...

    Yes. If all goes well my interview wil lbe posted at Basil’s 1 April. Hmmm. There is something about that date.
    Anyway, qustions are open and will close on 26 March. Post them here. Ask away. I’ll try not to plead the 5th.


  32. So many blogs that are new to me. Looks like they will keep me busy for quite a while!

  33. Last Chance!...

    This week is your last chance to submit questions for my interview with Basil. As promised, I'll answer anything he selects (though answer quality may vary. *grin*).

    So, you are cordially invited to submit questions by clicking here and scrolling ....


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