Sunday, September 18, 2005

Sunday Picnic: 2005-09-18

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  1. ACLU Concerned With Bleeding Heart Liberals

    If the left ever wonder why they have been labeled loony by the right, this should help answer a few of their questions. The left seem facinated with bodily fluids.
    Anti-war protesters back in court for spilling blood.
    Four anti-war protesters wh...

  2. Happy Constitution Day Again

    Notwithstanding my post of yesterday, today, September 17th, is actually Constitution Day. Because it fell on a Saturday this year, we celebrated it yesterday because otherwise the schools could not have special programs and teach special cur...

  3. Missile Fired at Commercial Jet?

    Thats the rumor. Michelle Malkin investigated- calling America West, and got a non-confirmation confirmation, before this attempted debunking:
    The sighting was reported near Colts Neck, NJ, which is a major route south out of NY. FAA set...

  4. No One Cares About Politics

    It is Sunday when fat newspapers overwhelm issues. Plenty of Hurricane Katrina coverage here and here and here and that's just the Washington Post. Every newspaper in the universe overspills like Lake Ponchartrain with coverage.

  5. Sundays Funnies

    Sweet Spirits of Ammonia has donkeys saying they are the voice of the people. They also think the French should stick to making wine. Yuck, beer made from ruined milk?
    Info4beer says the ACLU has welcomed Al Qaeda.
    Cafe Oregano needs a few lesson...

  6. Katrina News Flash! Flood Uncovers Exciting Discovery!

    HOT HOT HOT! Flood uncovers the Lost Scrolls of the Bill of Rights! The Malcom X Grassroots Movement (a New Afrikan rights organization) has issued some demands, in keeping with information imparted by the Lost Scrolls: The Right Immunity from

  7. Ice Cream Screams

    Be careful what you scribble! Your innocent scribbles, if turned sideways, could very well be offensive to Allah! I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream. Apparently, Islamists not only scream for ice cream, but they threaten jihad if they d...

  8. New meaning to disgust - Dead American Soldier's P

    A blogger there had a story about A German senior minister for Gerhard Schroeder is using a picture of our Dead American Soldiers on one of his campaign posters!!!

  9. Sigh..I did it again. Sorry for the double-up.

  10. The Carnival of NJ Bloggers XVIII

    Now is the posting of our web content
    Made glorious summer by the Carnival,
    And all the clouds that lower'd upon our screens
    In the deep bosom of the ocean buried.
    Now are our blogs bound with victorious wreaths;
    Our busied thoughts hung on the in...

  11. The Florida Keys

    This low laying part of Florida is bracing for yet another tropical system after Hurricane Katrina dumped rain on it last month.

  12. Where the Ocean Meets the Land...

    My husband's been yelling at me all day about the fact that the Jambalaya isn't up yet. Geez. No really, he's literally yelling at me on the phone going, "You need to get on the ball. People are waiting on...

  13. Two Presidential Addresses

    Who would have guessed, as the crisis with Katrina and New Orleans unfolded, that the Fourth Act of the Drama would culminate in a serious debate about the limits, philosophic basis, and hidden dangers of Big Government intervention in human affairs?

  14. My MT is possessed. Sorry for the multiple pings. Every time I go in and update the entry, it re-pings your entry.

    Sorry about that. :)

  15. Global Swarming Or What?

    Tim Russert had an august guest today on Meet the Press, that noted climatologist, Bill Clinton. Our loved and respected former president has been piggy-backing the UNs sixtieth anniversary hoopla event to pitch his Clinton Global Initi...

  16. Bush to Cover New Orleans In Giant Housing Bubble

    In a summer that has seen President Bush?s approval rating sink lower than ever, prospects have suddenly turned even worse for the White House.

  17. How "under God" came to be in the Pledge

    Some say that the words "under God" in our pledge of allegiance is due to the imposition of religious zealots. They are wrong. The words "under God" reflect reality. They are not an imposition but an affirmation of how our nation came to be and of our uni

  18. Why Bike Shorts Should Be Black

    Why bike shorts should be blackand NOT RED.

  19. The Carnival of NJ Bloggers XVIII

    Welcome to the Carnival, everyone! A gathering of Jersey bloggers in three parts...


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