Monday, September 12, 2005

UN Offers to Help Hurricane Victims

Precision Guided HumorFrom Reuters:

The Bush administration, long critical of the
United Nations, has accepted a U.N. offer of help in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina and a U.N. team has gone to Washington to see how it can complement American efforts.

The United Nations on Sunday announced the United States had accepted its aid offer and said its staff will be based at the USAID Hurricane Operations Center, where international assistance is being coordinated.
From Harvey:
How will the UN help the US with the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina?
From an e-mail intercepted by the crack Alliance staff:
TO: Kofi Annan <>
FROM: Louise Fréchette <>
SUBJECT: Aid to the United States

In response to your directive of 4 September 2005 (30 Rajeb 1426) we have outlined the following proposals:

  • To alleviate the problem with New Orleans residents having to eat corpses, the Democratic Republic of the Congo has offered recipes and is considering sending chefs to assist in the preparation of humans.

  • To assist in restoring order to the populace, advisors from Chechnya are prepared to deploy to the region.

  • Distribution of food to others in the area would best be accomplished by U.N. staff with experience. To that end, Benon V. Sevan of Cyprus has extensive experience in that area.

  • Displaced children are always a problem after such emergencies. Again, the Democratic Republic of the Congo is prepared to look after the children.

Other needs will be addressed as they arise.

I trust this meets with your satisfaction and will ensure that the work of the United Nations continues to be of the highest quality.

I'm thinking we send troops there now, before the U.N. arrives.

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  1. Precision Guided Roundup:

    Weeeeeeeell, color me skeptical, but I can't quite help but feel that U.N. assistance with the recovery from Katrina is 100% a good thing. And it looks like I'm not the only one. Following Harvey's question of: How will the


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