Thursday, September 15, 2005

Covered Dish Supper: 9/15/2005

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  1. Romance - The Two Dogs Way Ongoing Saga Part III

    Excerpt from an actual conversation:

  2. CAIR Caught Red Handed: Photo Before and After

    Can you spot the amaturish doctoring in this CAIR released photo?
    (Hint: the woman to the left of the podium showed up to the press conference not wearing a hijab.)
    Did you guess it?
    Point Five has the original photo:

  3. John Roberts says he will not be Ideologue

    Chief Justice nominee John Roberts wound up three days of sometimes-contentious Senate testimony Thursday by telling wary Democrats that ideologues don't belong on the Supreme Court. He said his record shows he will rely on the law, not personal view...

  4. Texans are not sweating it

    Jack has the scoup on how Texas House is protecting Texans from

  5. Bolton Bumrushing Beaurocrats

    To those who thought that the recess appointment of John Bolton as top US diplomat to the UN was going to create chaos, the recent proceedings at the current UN summit proves otherwise.

  6. Another Today

    Today's dose of NIF - News, Interesting & Funny ... It's Stop the ACLU Thursday

  7. Just further proof

    That Congress has lost touch with reality. If the Roberts hearings aren't sufficent, we have Tom Delay who says there is no pork in the federal budget.

  8. New Kinds of Interaction

    I wrote a few weeks ago about visiting the Iraqi Army. That was quite an experience, and I'm glad I had the opportunity while I was here. We really haven't had any contact wi...


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