Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Holdin' Out Against Katrina

White Trash WednesdaysWell, it seems as if lots of folks didn't leave New Orleans when they could have. And there's questions about if they could have.

Reading what Basil wrote the other day about how he handled two close-by hurricanes in 1979 and 1989, it wouldn't suprise me if there was folks in New Orleans that could've left but just didn't. Folks is like that.

Some are blaming the Mayor of New Orleans. Some blame the Governor. Some blame the President. But nobody wants to blame the folks that stayed.

Okay, that's not true. Lots of folks are blaming the folks that stayed. But, for blaming the ones that didn't leave, they are being accused as being racist.

I guess that means that all the White folks got out? Nothing but Black folks stayed in New Orleans?

If you believe that, you're a dumbass. Lots of White folks got 'em some beer, some shotguns, some playing cards, some propane lamps, and sat to wait it out.

Let's go to New Orleans and see some of the folk that stayed behind:

Debra Rousse

Unidentified White Guy

Michael Rehage

Ed Throop

Rodney Hoover

Gabriel Whitfield and Melissa Kennedy

Kenny Claiborne

Cynthia Cornwall

Well, it looks to me like there was a bunch of White folks that stayed behind in New Orleans. Does this mean George Bush hates White people?

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