Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Headline News 2005-09-14

From USA Today:
Samurai attacks condiments
Mustard looked at him funny

From AP:
Company Says Clerk Urinated Into Soda
Mello Yello's secret formula no longer a secret

From Reuters:
Inventor: I never used dead cats for fuel
Insists they were all alive when he started

From Reuters:
Flu shots urged for Katrina evacuees, elderly
Latest attempt to bring body count up to initial estimates

From CNN:
Hubble spies homeless black hole
Jackson, Sharpton criticize GOP for black hole being homeless

From CNN:
Hu, Bush discuss N. Korea's nuclear plan
Bush speaks last, Hu's on first

From CNN:
9/11 commissioners blast Katrina response
Cite intelligence failures

From Chicago Tribune:
Bolton throws a wrench
French ambassador ducks


  1. The mustard...looked at him...funny?


    Did you know that yogurt has feelings? Actually, it doesn't, but I couldn't eat it for a year after someone told me that.

    Shhhh. Our seekrit, basil.

  2. Heh. Thanks. And I'll keep it under my hat.

  3. Company Says Clerk Urinated Into Soda

    Company Says Clerk Urinated Into Soda. And they've just suspended him? Gack! H/Tbasil's blog

  4. Your comments are priceless. That last one was the kicker.


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