Thursday, September 8, 2005

Covered Dish Supper: 9/8/2005

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  1. Congress To Appoint Commission To Study Commission

    Washington lawmakers hurried legislation through Congress on Thursday authorizing a new cabinet- level department, The Homeland Commission Commission, to bring under one umbrella agency the work of other all other commissions.

  2. Video of Netanyahu and Sharanskys press conference

    One Jerusalem's added a video recording of chairman Natan Sharansky's and Benjamin Netanyahu's press conference discussion for the latter's campaign to their site.

  3. Hayward J. Ablohmie Is Safe!

    CNN organized a "safe list" for people resuced from New Orleans following Hurricane Katrina. According to the list on CNN, Hayward J. Ablohmie is safe and sitting dry in Baton Rouge.

  4. Critics are wrong about the hurricane

    As the C-130s headed to Houston to pick up people fleeing the destruction of New Orleans, I realized I was wrong. Dreadfully wrong. The kind of wrong that only comes from voicing an opinion without knowing the facts.
    Of course the West Virginia Air Na...

  5. Byron York to Protestors: Move On

    Byron York takes a look at the Katrina Protest in a piece on NRO.
    Their effort will not be turned into a case study of how to stage a successful protest.
    The rally — designed to "tell President Bush to stop blaming local officials for hi...

  6. Hussein Seeks To Reclaim Bad Boy Status

    In what some have deemed a blatant attempt to raise his stature of internationally recognized evilness, former Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein was recently quoted as saying that his decision to massacre 180,00 Kurdish Iraqi citizens in the late 1980's was

  7. living the life aquatic

    The real estate market has been riding a tidal wave of rising prices. It even has me considering alternatives. A friend of mine once lived his summers on his sailboat. Aquatic homes are nothing new, but two scuba divers give...

  8. Anarchy Breaks Out

    Reuters reports that the German anarchist Pogo Party is upsetting German TV censors. The anarchists are officially on the ballot for the Sept. 18 election. They have no chance in hell, but their TV ad (wmv) also available in Mp4 shows a bunch of whacko...

  9. Don't forget what Nikita Kruschev said

    And for that we have over a thousand people dead in Louisiana. I don't expect anyone to step up and take the blame for that.


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