Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Lunch: 9/13/2005

Try one of these specials with your lunch:


  1. To the Opposition: Any Ideas?

    Christopher Hitchens assesses President Bush's performance in the wake of Katrina, and concludes that the storm has truly passed.

  2. Florida- The rules are different here Chapter V

    Some news out of Jacksonville today.

  3. How To Be Democrat Leader

    I thought that some of my readers would like to go into politics sooner or later. Well, I?m here to help you with a few pointers on how to be an elected Democrat official. So, here are some tips in bullet form.

  4. The Duplicity Of Gay Politics

    I would agree with the Washington Post editorial, "California's Solons Lead" if it were intellectually honest. Yes, legislation not adjudication is the way to go. But voters rejected this out of hand five years ago. To say that absent a referendum that...

  5. Mayor Ray "Coach Hines" Nagin

    Not to make light of the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina but I have finally figured out who New Orleans Mayor Ray Nagin reminds me of -- the always angry coach on "Mad TV" played by Keegan-Michael Key (shown at left).

  6. From My Pen to Judge Roberts Mouth

    Judge Roberts respects precedent, can the Left now worry about real abortion issues?

  7. OC Dork Issues Latest Al Qaeda Terror Threat

    ...?We suspect that there is some confusion in the Al Qaeda leadership as to what exactly strikes fear into the heart of Americans,? said John Gullander, with the terrorism think-tank Global Information Associates...

  8. signore basil,

    Since you are so smart :-)

    Any ideas why the Wizbang standalone trackback tool would give somebody an error when trying to ping a blog? I've had people tell me that they are trying to send trackbacks, but none are coming through (except the spammers, of course).

  9. Limited Tuesday

    Today's dose of NIF - News, Interesting & Funny ... Time for another Kerry-180 Tuesday, when I get around to it that is.

  10. Well, this might be easiest solved offline, but we can give it a try online, if you like.

    First, have you confirmed the error? And what is the error? The Wizbang form gives a number code and a text description. What does it say?

    There's always the chance the person is filling out the form incorrectly.

    My thoughts are that those questions should be answered, and the next step would be dependent upon the answers.

    If you want to continue this online, hey I'm up for it. If you want to go offline, we can do that. Or, GoogleTalk.

  11. Active Malice

    There has been a lot of buzz about Barak Obama's alleged statement that "passive indifference is as bad as active malice". I know many of you are offended by this statement on many levels, but I think it's a good...

  12. The error message is "You are pinging trackbacks too quickly. Please try again later." This happens when the sender has only sent one trackback.

    I have a theory. I am getting slammed by spam trackbacks. My theory is that the spammers are using the same standalones as legitimate users. The bottleneck is likely to continue until the spammers are added to MT Blacklist. Of course, this is just a theory.

  13. Okay, I've seen that one before. And it's frustrating as heck. This one may take some observation and study.

    Does it only happen at certain times of the day? Do reports of this error coincide with the sudden appearance of TrackBack spam?

    Not familiar with a MovableType system (this one's TypePad), but is there the ability to log results from TrackBack attemps? Including rejections? If so, is loggin on?

    Just a thought. But if such information can be gleaned, that might confirm your theory. Then, perhaps a form of action can be determined.


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