Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Headline News 2005-09-21

From ABC News:
Judge Orders Tattoo Ink Health Warnings
Warning to be tattooed on customers

From ABC News:
British Group Wants Debate on Leap Seconds
Global terrorism, famine, poverty not important enough to debate

From ABC News:
Condoms Are Named for Clinton, Lewinsky
Hillary thinks plan 'sucks'

From ABC News:
Saddam Lawyers Don't Recognize Trial Date
Uncertain when Junetember 33rd is

From ABC News:
Head of Mexican Police's Copter Missing
Arms, legs found

From ABC News:
WWII Grave Found at U.S. Base in Germany
Discovery may prove theory that Americans died in Germany from 1941-1945

From ABC News:
Indian Ruins Show Signs of Ancient Tsunami
Bush blamed

From ABC News:
Nelly to Make Reality TV Show
Will star in 'Who Wants To Save A No-Talent Bum's Career?'

From ABC News:
Tyra Banks Proves Breasts Are Real on TV
Ron Jeremy to star in sequel

From ABC News:
Katrina Raises Voters' Doubts About Bush
President won't seek third term

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