Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Lunch: 9/28/2005

Try one of these specials with your lunch:


  1. Secret Chinese Plans Uncovered

    Following the example of The Evil Emperor Mindstation, I have also uncovered secret Chinese plans.

  2. Blushing Media Post-Katrina? Hardly.

    The mainstream media are not blushing. They will continue down their arrogant Iraq-as-model reporting path, accentuating the negative with questionable facts and half-truths. And when they err, they will develop a news cycle reporting on the error with...

  3. Basil, sorry for polluting your yummy dessert menu with too much filthy media bashing. Wizbang standalone trackback thingie seems to have glitched... that, or my browser made it glitch.

  4. Haloscan trackbacked twice also. maybe it's on Basil's end?

  5. DeLay: Hero Or Ham?

    The indictment of Tom Delay has the blogosphere blogasming.

  6. A 250 Billion Dollar Mistake

    In an interview with USA Today, NASA Administrator Michael Griffin admits that much of the past 30 years of the space program has been one big mistake.

  7. ... besides banging ... NICE! /TJ

  8. Blogicus Interrupticus

    Today's dose of NIF - News, Interesting & Funny ... Hump Day edition

  9. That's nothing - HalScan just F'ed and decided to send however many are above ... again. /TJ

  10. The ACLU needs a helmet and a drool bib.

    Go read the entire story here
    It seems the ACLU has decided to take on the Utah County Sheriff for breaking up a rave stating that for whatever reason there is an unfounded connection between this kind of music and drugs.
    I know quite a few r...

  11. The MaryHunter:
    It's corrected.

    Dr. Phat Tony:
    Perhaps. But, since SixApart (TypePad) is hosting, it should impact other TypePad sites, too. It only seems to be happening from Blogger sites that use HaloScan. So far. Which still makes me think it's something with HaloScan.



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