Monday, September 26, 2005

Blog Housekeeping

There is a little problem with that I didn't foresee with the Blog Interviews.

A whole lot of people have signed up.

Now, why is that a problem? Well, you see I was planning on doing one a week. But if we stay on that schedule, we have enough people scheduled for the next eight months! That means that we're covered until the first of June, 2006!

So, let me tell you what I'm thinking. Maybe two a week?

Now, this first week, it will be vw bug of One Happy Dog Speaks, all by herself. But I'm thinking seriously about asking the others to move up on the schedule and have two a week. Maybe a guy blogger on Saturday and a girl blogger on Sunday. How does that sound?

Well, whatever we do, we'll have figured out real soon. But remember, we're taking questions for vw bug of One Happy Dog Speaks now through Friday. Go here and submit your questions.

Oh, and thanks for the response to the new layout and color scheme. So far, reaction has been positive to the colors. Some have noticed some functionality not working just right, and I've tried to get them all fixed. If you run across anything that doesn't seem to work right, just let me know.

Thanks again, everyone, for your help.

And be sure to head to the Blog Interview page and ask your questions for vw bug of One Happy Dog Speaks.


  1. Doing one Saturday and one Sunday sounds good to me. The amount that gets written on weekends is light most of the time so it'll give folks something to read over the weekend or first thing Monday.

  2. Yeah, I like that idea. I'm prepping to ask folks to move up. That still leaves me with enough to get into February. Wow. I'm amazed at the response.


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