Saturday, September 10, 2005

September 11, 2001

That morning, I got up as normal, showered as normal, ate breakfast as normal, went to work as normal, and when the phone rang, answered it as normal.

That was the last normal thing I did that day.

It was the wife and it was just about 9:00 AM. She asked me if I had heard about the plane crashing into the World Trade Center. Having been at work for the last 30-45 minutes, I hadn't. Things were slow that Tuesday morning and her phone call was the first call I had received that day.

She suddenly started stuttering, saying something like another plane just crashed into the building. It took a second for her to be sure she hadn't just watched a replay. She hadn't. She got off the phone and went back to watching Fox and Friends.

It was slow, and I clicked on news sites to see what might be going on. That began a constant stream of Web pages being checked to find out information.

Because so many sites were down from being flooded with hits, I found other news sites. Drudge was still up and I scrolled down to his list of news sources. I clicked the "stop" button so it wouldn't refresh and disappear because it was down. I hit every news site I could find.

News was confusing and contradictory. Five or six planes missing or crashed. Bombs going off in Washington. Towers falling. More towers falling. More planes missing. More planes crashed.

It took a bit before we understood what had happened. But understand we did.

We had been attacked. Americans were dying on American soil. Civilians were dead by the hand of a hidden, sneaky enemy.

We knew we were at war. We knew we didn't start it. But we knew we damn well would finish it.

Some people have forgotten. I haven't. I remember.

We all need to remember what it was like that day.


  1. The Last Day In The Sept. 10th World

    Billions of words will spew once again as America acknowledges another anniversary of 9/11. I can predict what will be said, so I will skip most of it. I tried to measure scientifically how have we changed in those four years, using the Sept. 11, 2001,...

  2. Progress and Remembering Nine Eleven

    Yes, this is a few hours early but thank GOD, and thanks to all the brave men and women of our military, I will have the freedom and privilege to go to Sunday School and to Mass tomorrow morning.

  3. In Prayerful Memory

    I think these words ring very true. It is hard to forgive but I think we need to at least pray that no more violence like 9-11 ever happens again. God bless America.

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  5. Never Forget

    Four years ago, war was declared on the United States and our way of life. Whether or not you think we deserve it, you cannot deny that this is so. They struck us to the core. Now we are striking...

  6. Never Forget

    Four years ago, war was declared on the United States and our way of life. Whether or not you think we deserve it, you cannot deny that this is so. They struck us to the core. Now we are...

  7. September 11th, 2005

    We were afraid to remember that day, yet in remembrance of those murdered innocents, we did remember. We will always be afraid to remember our vulnerability, but our will to survive will always overcome the fear to remember September 11th.


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    It's now four years to the day when an Islamic hate crime was committed against the people of America, which showed that it's not just the Jewish community that's a target of such disgust, but also anyone else considered a Dhimmi in the eyes of Islam...


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