Monday, September 12, 2005

Headline News 2005-09-12

From ABC News:
Moon, Sun and Yosemite Align for Photo
Zappa, Peng, and Sam caught on film

From ABC News:
British Office Compiles List of Odd Names
Minister of Odd Names previously served as Minister of Silly Walks

From ABC News:
Man Learns Brother Next to Him Is Wanted
A Siamese Twin's worst nightmare

From ABC News:
Bush Hits Career Low in Approval
No third term for this wartime president

From ABC News:
Bush unpopular in South America, poll shows
Has withdrawn from race in Argentina

From Reuters :
L.A. nabs one fugitive gator, one still on the lam
Citizens warned to not go near the lam

From ABC News:
Is the 'Cajun Grandma' Getting a Bad Rap?
New Kanye West CD not on wish list

From ABC News:
World Reaction to Hurricane Katrina
Will really miss the "Girls Gone Wild" videos

From San Francisco Chronicle:
Astronomers discover 2 more oddball objects
How Cindy Sheehan, Michale Moore got into orbit still a mystery

From News Limited:
Woman gets pregnant after 'acrobatic joyride'
Most popular ride at the fair

Additional headlines, courtesy GOP and the City:

Roberts' hearing to start today
- Other miracles to follow

Bush Vows a `Sober Look' at How Government Responded to Katrina
-That is one way to keep Ted Kennedy out of your hair

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