Monday, September 26, 2005

Covered Dish Supper: 9/26/2005

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  1. Chuckie Says . . .

    Using his "It's all about politics for us, so it must be all about politics for them" template, Senator Shumer had this to say (source),
    Democrats say their planned votes shows their senators are allowed to think for themselves, instead of being forc...

  2. Rally in Support of the Troops AND Their Mission

    I was privileged to have attended the Support the Troops rally yesterday on The Mall in Washington, D.C. What I saw was several hundred people who love America and apprecite the sacrifice of our brave warriors in Iraq, Afghanistan, and throughout the...

  3. The Thrill of Victory

    The Thrill of Victory
    Source: Yahoo! News
    The agony sets in
    Source: Yahoo! News
    Akers, Eagles, NFL, Football

  4. Email to a Deranged Monkey

    I have a email address for a deranged monkey to submit it's resume for employment here at Radioactive Liberty. I had the pleasure of receiving this application from DNC Chairman Dean. YEARRRRRGH!

    Dear Deranged,
    Mr. Dean, YOU are the Deranged one,...

  5. Pres. Bush Hitting the Sauce Again?

    The supposed lurid accusation comes from none other than that bastion of multiple layers of fact checking, the National Enquirer. According to a Dr. Justin Frank, Bush is likely hitting the bottle again. This is backed up with several quotes from ?ot...

  6. Raspberry Takes A Hard Look At Poverty

    In the Saturday Gazette-Mail, I urged people to Take a good cold, hard look at poverty. Little did I know that William Raspberry was already taking an even tougher look at poverty: Why today's young women have kids first and marry later. This is not si...

  7. Freestar media is still at it

    freestarmedia is still at it with the battle and it doesn't seem that they will let up anytime soon .
    Freestar would like to make a documentary movie for $300K about the Lost Liberty

  8. More Scientists Say Global Warming Causes Stronger Hurricanes

    "There's good evidence to show that were it not for global warming, we would not have hurricanes at all." said Kevin Trenberth, a scientist at the government-funded National Center for Atmospheric Research.

    "Our studies show that global warming, which...

  9. Another day older

    Today's dose of NIF - News, Interesting & Funny ... just the Monday edition

  10. Damn HaloScan ... sorry for the multi-trackbacks! /TJ

  11. Shame on you Fox Exec

    I was just at Politicalteens and was reading the story about the live coverage and how a passerby took offense and just used some profanity at the reporter , but also I found that also a reporter from Fox posted this :

  12. ACLU Monkey Business

    Hat tip to Hidden Nook

    A Pennsylvania federal court Monday was set to consider whether school districts may teach a concept known as intelligent design prior to teaching biology lessons on evolution. Eight families in Dover, Pennsylva...

  13. Asked and answered

    Why is Crooks & Liars - which theoretically celebrates revelations of truth - criticizing 'right wing apologists' for checking facts?

  14. TJ, gina:
    Yeah, they've all been acting up lately, it seems.


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