Friday, December 2, 2005

Breakfast 12-02-2005

Try one of these specials with your breakfast:


  1. Military Defends Paying Iraqi Newspapers

    In a war zone, in a foreign press, when the enemy has a major media outlet in Al Jazeera what would you do? In W.W.II Hollywood made propaganda films by the pallet load, and that was a good thing.

  2. Lies, Damn Lies, Statistics And Polls

    That should be the modern version of Benjamin Disraeli's often misquoted phrase. The latest version of this can be found in this report of a Zogby poll about supposed public attitudes toward Wal-Mart:

  3. I scooped the MSM

    The Florida Masochist did just that. It wasn't till yesterday that any of the local media outlets finally acknowledged the massive screwup concerning hurricane foodstamps here in South Florida.

  4. The Making Of A Terrorist

    Today's Washington Post tells the story of Muriel Degauque, the 38 year-old Belgian woman who killed herself in a failed terrorist attack in Iraq last month. It is a story that puts a new twist on the War on Terror

  5. The Blogging Gourmet

    A look at a blogger's favorite.

  6. Adult Stem Cell Progress in Spinal Cord Repair

    Maybe we will reach a state in the research debate at which scientists finally admit that their hopes and dreams for curing serious diseases might not, after all, depend on the killing of human embryos.


  7. Ten Senior Hamas Members Passed through "Terrorist-Proof" Rafah Crossing

    See this absolute must-read post for the context for today's revelation of how right the IRIS predictions were.

    Israel Complains about PA Violations of Gaza-Egypt Border Agreement: Hamas Military Wing Moves Through Rafah from Arab States
    Israel ha...

  8. To New Heights

    The aviator opted to stop short of his 70,000-foot target when his red, yellow and blue checkered balloon hit a cold air pocket. Singhania touched down in Sinnar Township, some 250km from Mumbai.
    ...and it's now time for breakfast at basil's.


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