Thursday, December 1, 2005

Clogger Blogger II

In the past, I've mentioned a friend who's a clogger. She teaches clogging. She's tried to get Wife and me to clog.

Not gonna happen.

But I'm happy and excited for her. Like she's happy for me and how much I enjoy this little blog, I'm happy for her and how much she enjoys clogging. But I don't clog. And she don't blog.

But she clogs a lot better than I blog.

You see, she's competing in the Miss Georgia State Clogger Pageant. That's going to be held in Hawkinsville, which is pretty much the middle of the state. So, competitors from all over the state (and from Atlanta) will be there.

I've seen her and her troupe perform. They're good.

Denise might not win. She might not even place. But I'm happy she's getting the chance to compete.

I hope she wins a trophy. She's certainly good enough to win.

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