Monday, December 5, 2005

Euphoric Reality

Euphoric Reality is in the running for Best Military Blog in the 2005 Weblog Awards. And if you thought the competition for Best New Blog was tough (it is) check out the military blog finists. Tough competition.

Now, how do you determine who to vote for in that bunch? Well, you go to each blog and read them. You'll see some that stand out.

There are four of them that I read every day. And one is Euphoric Reality. And I voted for them today. And if you haven't voted in that category today, go vote for them.

How did I arrive at them? Well, even though I read their blog for a while, when Kit and Heidi signed up for the Blog Interviews, I learned a lot more about them. And I like what I know.

Now, I'm not saying the others aren't great folks. But I don't know them as well as I feel I know Kit and Heidi. And that makes a difference.

In the interest of full disclosure, I must say that Euphoric Reality has endorsed this little blog for Best New Blog. So, you may be inclined to think of this endoresment as a returned favor. Well, think that if you like. I'm endorsing them not just because they run a great blog, but because I know them better, and like what I know. That makes a difference. You see, not only did I get to know them better, they got to know me better too. And endorsed us anyway.

Will we be endorsing other blogs in the voting in other categories? Maybe. Maybe not. It's a hard thing to publicly say vote for one blog and not another. But in this instance, because of my familiarity with the bloggers, I can do that. Kit and Heidi are worthy of your vote.


  1. Basil, that was entirely unnecessary...and entirely sweet. Thank you for that. I had no idea you actually read us daily. I'll have to start putting up more naked women or something.

    I would make some joke about your check being in the mail, because I know you understand our sense of humor. unfortunately, not everyone does. ;)

    Good luck to you in the finals. ;)

  2. Kit, Truby sent us a nice photo of a chick with some heft to her that everyone might enjoy!

    Basil, I'm just warnin' you, sir, your flattery will get your everyhwere.


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