Monday, December 5, 2005

Headlines News 12-05-2005

From CNN: launches broadband video news service
Fake news even faster

From CNN:
ABBA: We will never re-form
U.S. threat level reduced to "Yellow"

From WPLG:
Losing candidate says he'll sue opponent
Al Gore moves to Florida

From KOCO:
Santa 'crime scene' draws attention
Grandma avenged

From CNN:
Lionel Tate: 'I was hearing voices'
Bush blamed

From ABC News:
U.K. to Allow Same-Sex Partnerships
Charles, Camilla's marriage now legal

From ABC News:
Canadian Man's Rape Defense: He Was Asleep
Wife agrees, says it happens all the time with him

From ABC News:
John Lennon Speaks in Newly Released Interview
Singer shocked to discover he's been dead 25 years

ABC News:
Wonder to Perform at Super Bowl Pre-Game
Singer was told it was at halftime, won't know the difference

ABC News:
Military Kids See the Nutcracker With Bush
President, children visit Hillary


  1. Online Trim a Tree! (Christmas Resistance, Day 11, part 2)

    And now for the rest of the story:For those who just don't feel confident with the responsibility of bringing that tree inside and decorating it without professional help:

  2. Basil: can't believe you missed this one:

    "Investors expect battle for Virgin unit"

  3. Monday

    The Nose on Your Face: Quote of the Day TMH's Bacon Bits: Bill's Third Term Attempt Foiled Basil's Blog: Headline News Terriorists: Stuck on Stupid... in Tennessee Nickie Goomba: Lieberman family organizing 'Search Party' to locate Joe Scrappl...


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