Thursday, December 1, 2005

Headline News 12-01-2005

From ABC News:
Twice as many British men paying for sex: report
Twice as many British men marrying

From ABC News:
'Law & Order: SVU' Star Is Pregnant
Richard Belzer expecting in March, Ice-T is father

From Washington Post:
E.U. Wants Details on CIA Prisons
Bush offers to let Chirac, Zapatero see first-hand

From CNN:
Black woman may be appointed to Senate
Senators afraid to tell Robert Byrd

From KGTV:
Teens turn to cyberspace for sex education
Authorities shocked to discover there may be sex on the Internet

From WJXT:
Three families fight for custody of boy
Abandoned children eager to take runner-up spots*

From KMBC:
Thieves ram wall in ATM theft attempt
Ice Cube, Anthony Anderson, Lahmard J. Tate sued

From KSAT:
Police: Two men dead in love triangle
A new meaning of the word 'love' of which we were not previously aware

From KMBC:
Newspaper Photo, Headline Causes Stir
Public outcry did not stop paper from setting sales records

From Washington Post:
N.C. Inmate Set to Become 1,000th Execution
To recieve lifetime supply of ... Oh. Never mind.


  1. Thursday

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  2. Lifetime supply of what? Oh. Never mind. :-)


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