Friday, December 2, 2005

Now, A Word From Our Sponsors

Have you noticed that we have advertising banners over on the side? No, the other side. Yes. That side.

See the little monkey? Click on the little monkey. You'll be able to hear Laurence Simon's podcasts and everything. Yes, they are Full Of Crap. And yes, that's the same Laurence Simon that's part of Pajamas Media. Shhhh! Don't tell him that's the other guys. He thinks he's part of the group here. And he is. He just doesn't know. Go click and listen to him. Then email him how much you enjoyed it. And ask about his cats.

Oh, and Harvey has his Bad Example Goodies Shop open for business. Good stuff there. Go spend money with Harvey. Just make sure there's writing on your money. He likes that stuff. Must be all the cold winters up north.

And, don't forget They help support this little blog, too. Kinda like Woot. One item today. Another item tomorrow. So go visit the folks over at

Take the time, if you would, to visit our sponsors and thank them for making all this possible. If it wasn't for them, well, we'd probably still have the same crap posted here. But it's Christmas. Go do your Christmas shopping right here. Instead of at Wal-mart.

Right now. Seriously. Go click on them.

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