Friday, December 2, 2005

Supper 12-02-2005

Try one of these specials with your supper:


  1. Does this judge really believe what she is writing

    The fetus and Treyson are not the same person. Justice Paula Nakayama you're a mother of two, how do you say that with a straight face? You've experience pregnancy and I'm sure your children were the same to you before and after birth.

  2. Lies, Lies and War Lies

    Politics is politics, ratings are ratings, but lies are lies. While some Democrats may twist the truth to win the upcoming elections, the media has a solemn obligation to report the facts. (D. MacKinnon)


  3. Global Earthquaking

    Yesterday, the Guardian of London told us Global warming is causing an Ice Age! IF the Gulf Stream became a Gulf Trickle, in 20 years, Europe would be 4C or 6C colder, which translates into normal temperatures as 10 degrees or so. Nice in the summer, n...

  4. Call for Submissions: The Carnival of Christmas

    In World War I, British and German soldiers broke into a ceasefire around Christmas. Such is the power of that great day on our calendar.

    Sadly, there is no ceasefire in the Culture War for Christmas. With the coming of December, armies of Lawyers a...

  5. Putin's Real Plan for Iran

    I could believe that Russia would sell a weapons system to Iran.

    The Interfax and ITAR-Tass news agencies cited unidentified sources in the Russian military-industrial complex as saying that Russian and Iranian officials had signed contracts in N...

  6. Prosecuting the Culture of Corruption

    President Bush's legacy will be forged in the sandbox of Iraq. His vision of a democratic oasis in the cradle of civilization overshadows the other accomplishments of his administration.
    If Sept. 11 had never happened, Bush would leave a legacy of cl...

  7. Wanted terrorists returning to Gaza through Rafah...DUH!

    Interestingly enough... it was the United States which bloody wanted Israel to open up the Gaza-Egyptian border and send the IDF away from patrolling it.... and Holy Toledo, what do you know, but Terrorists are criss-crossing the border.... NO WAY!

  8. Vote Buying In West Virginia: New Twist To An Old

    Vote buying has long been a badly kept secret in Logan County, West Virginia. Even John F. Kennedy's 1960 campaign allegedly supplied cash to Logan County's political bosses to help him win the West Virginia primary.


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