Tuesday, December 6, 2005

The War On Happy Holidays

So let me get this straight, Donald Wildmon is leading a boycott against a chain of stores because clerks there say "Happy Holidays."

This guy's supposed to be some sort of Christian minister.

Aren't Christians supposed to be humble? Aren't Christians supposed to turn the other cheek? Aren't Christians supposed to be charitable to other people?

Evidently this fellow Wildmon never read the story of the Good Samaritan.

Falwell must be a closet liberal because he wants to impose a politically correct speech code in which you have to watch what you say for fear of offending someone.
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Corrected with apologies to Jerry Falwell.


  1. following your logic, Christians should also fund abortion clinics, should support the alcohol industry, and should never fight back when people are blowing up our people.

    and, as soon as the chain stores are half-breed sworn enemies of Christians who are dead-set to wipe out all existence of the Christian people, the Good Samaritan thing don't make sense, neither.

    but, I'm sure when somebody insults you, the first thing you do is praise them for their great wisdom. no? huh...that's what you're telling Falwell to do.

  2. MacStansbury, there's a major difference. The difference is, when somebody says "Happy Holidays," no babies die, nobody gets in car accidents, and nobody gets blown up. The only thing that is harmed is someone's illusion that the only happy-worthy holiday this time of year is Christmas-- a holiday that the early Christians didn't celebrate.

  3. Early Christians didn't do much celebrating of anything, what with being outlawed and everything. Much like things are headed today.

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  6. Mac Stansbury, you are a wise and wonderful person whose contributions to society are valuable.
    You wanna say MERRY CHRISTMAS?
    Great. I say it too.
    You wanna tell someone they cannot say HAPPY HOLIDAYS?
    Wrong. Live and let live. Boycotting people who say HAPPY HOLIDAYS is as dumb as calling it a HOLIDAY TREE


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