Sunday, December 4, 2005

You like me! You really like me!

Weblog Award FinalistI'm at a loss for words.

Okay, not really. But I am ... gosh, what's the word? Amazed? Shocked? Happy? Surprised? Proud? Giddy? Stunned?

All of the above.


Because this little blog made the cut. We are one of the finalists for Best New Blog in the Wizbang Weblog Awards.

Now, it's time for a confession. I wanted this. Not to win, though that would be cool. But making the list of finalists is something I actually thought about.

When this little blog began just under a year ago, it was right around the time as last year's awards were wrapping up. And I thought how cool it was that some of the blogs I liked won or did well in the voting. And I remember thinking, "Wow, how cool is it to make the finals. If only I ever had a shot at that."

So, I thought about it. And then I realized how silly that was. And didn't think of it again. Until Kevin at Wizbang announced this year's awards. Then I wondered it we'd get nominated. Then I wondered if we'd make the cut.

And we did. And I'm having a hard time believing that.

Now, how will we do? I already know. We'll come in 15th. Because if you look at the others that were nominated, you'll see some really good blogs. I've been checking out the others that made the cut. Some of them are really, really good. All of them are better than this little blog.

Well, theres one or two that ... never mind. But it's a kick-butt crew. Most of them are on the blogroll here ... and some are my absolute favorites ... and for good reason:

Yes, that's us right there in the middle of it all.

I'm asking you to go vote. You can vote in each catergory once each day. So, do vote for Best New Blog. You don't have to vote for this little blog, although that would be nice. But we've made the finals. And that's more than we deserve.

Look at the others on that list. We don't compare to them. Find one of those on the list and give them your support.

Remember, you can vote once a day.


  1. Congrats! I didn't even bother to sign up for it, but I'm so glad you are on the list. Of course I'm going to go vote!!!

  2. Okay, I voted for basil. And I'll do it tomorrow. And the next day...

  3. Thanks for the link, Basil. You can make the hot chocolate recipe using only heavy cream. I used both heavy cream and milk so that we'd have heavy cream for our coffee. It's nice and rich if you use only heavy cream, but it works just as well with a blend of milk and cream.

  4. Love you as always basil!

    I thought the exact same thing when I started my blog this time last year "Wouldn't it be cool if...." and here we are. Like you I don't expect to win - I'd just like to not embarrass myself!

    Good luck!

  5. Congrats! That's great news! I was so impressed I put my pants on before posting this comment.

    You know, decorum and all that.

  6. Countess, Janette:
    Thank you. I look forward to getting my butt kicked by the two of you ... and the others in the running.

    Thank you for thinking of the rest of us. You know these monitors are two-way, right?

    Seriously, thanks.

  7. Congrats Basil. You can count on a vote from me. :)

    I'm nominated for Best Blog Design...which I'll never win. It's still fun though.

    Good luck. I hope you win.

  8. [...] The Best New Blog category is also a very hot one, and I find that like Tom Maguire, several favorites in the running although I think no one will be surprised to see me plugging away on behalf of All Things Beautiful which is simply a fascinating and unique blog that demonstrates the creative boundaries which blogs can explore. In a catagory thick with excellence, (Rising Sun, Decision ‘08, Basil’s Blog, Merri Musings, and Wuzzadem) Alexandra still manages to stand out. [...]

  9. Congrats! My vote is in for you.

  10. basil, you TOTALLY belong in the Best New Blog category, if not the Best Blog Overall!


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