Saturday, September 30, 2006

Devil Rays? Yes, Devil Rays

It's official. The rumors were correct. The Columbus Catfish are part of the Tampa Bay Devil Rays farm system. That's what I found out at

My first thoughts were not what one might expect of me.

That is, "An American League team? American League?"

You see, anyone with whom I've had any serious baseball conversation knows I consider the National League to be THE league. Heck, the Southern League is older than the American League. And the South Atlantic League is nearly as old.

Okay, yes, I know: The orginal Southern League isn't around any more. And today's Southern League is really the old South Atlantic League ... and so on and so on. But, my point is ... the American League?

But, no, while that reaction fits, it wasn't my first reaction to the rumors ... or the confirmation.

My first reaction to the news that the Catfish are part of the Devil Rays?

"Hmmm. Now I need to get that Dodgers patch off the side of my Catfish jersey. Or buy a new jersey."

My second reaction?

"Hmmm. Devil Rays. Lots of former Catfish players ... Sergio Pedroza, Chuck Tiffany, Joel Guzman, Marcos Carvajal ... are in that organization."


"Hmmm. The Wife and I went to a few Montgomery Biscuits games. And enjoyed it. Especially the cheese steak sandwiches. Mmmmm. Cheese steak sandwiches. Anyway, we've planned going to Montgomery in '07 to see some more games. And get one of those delicious cheese steak sandwiches ... mmmm, cheese steak sandwiches ... and now it'd be like we went to a Suns game since the Suns were the Double-A team above the Catfish and now it's the Biscuits that are the Double-A team above the Catfish so that works out. Plus, the cheese steak sandwiches. Mmmm. Cheese steak sandwiches."

In fact, as I type this, I'm wearing a Montgomery Biscuits shirt.

So, no my first reaction to the news of the Catfish hooking up with was positive.

But an American League team?

Good thing the cheese steak sandwiches in Montgomery are so good. Mmmm. Cheese steak sandwiches.


  1. I am with you in your evaluation of the A.L. You seem to love baseball as much as I do.

    Tell me about the ball yard that the Catfish play in. Good lighting? Great seats?

    We have a single A club in San Jose affiliated with the Giants. Years ago, I once went to a double header at Candlestick on a Sunday and got back in time for the 7p start of the San Jose game.

    I love minor league ball.

    No cheese steak, but plenty of good beer!

  2. Well, I am just glad we'll have baseball to go and watch. The affiliation does not matter to me, as long as there IS an affiliation. I'd have no interest in an independant league, as had been rumored. I really enjoy collecting auto's and other memorabilia, so the thought of guys that will never make it to the big leagues really did not appeal to me. Wonder what they are gonna do with all the Catfish jersies that did not sell? Take the patch off and recylcle them for next year? Or sell them in the souveneir stand? On a related note, I went to the Thrashers game last night. they had game used sticks for sale. I used to buy them all the time for $20 each. Now, they are between $75-$200, depending on the player.It's Bush's fault somehow, I guess!


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