Sunday, September 3, 2006

I Don't Like Spam II

Warning. This is not family-friendly.

The other day, I was complaining about spam. Not SPAM®, but spam. UCE. Junk mail. And junk comments. And junk TrackBack pings. And such.

I don't like it. Not at all.

There are actually several things about it that I don't like. One of which is the fact that I don't understand it.

Let me explain.

I do understand some of the comment and TrackBack spam. It's some often some a**hole wanting free links.

Well, that doesn't really make a lot of sense. I guess they think that it's okay. Well, it's not. It's rude. Of course, if they weren't raised properly, they have no sense of such things as "rude" so it might not be their fault. It's their sorry excuse for parents' fault.

No, that's not right. There are plenty of people that were raised in difficult situations by sorry excuses for parents that turned out just fine. So it is their fault. They are rude and they are a**holes.

And Akismet and Spam Karma take care of them.

And that's the other thing about spammers that I don't understand.

I see repeat spam attempts. Do they think if they send the same spam again and again and it gets caught again and again that suddenly it will get through?

What's that saying? That a sign of insanity is trying the same thing repeatedly and expecting different results? Something like that. Anyway, it makes me wonder about someone who gets caught again and again by the spam filters and expects to get through.

If you don't get through the first time, you won't get through the second. Or the third. Or the one hundredth.

I just don't understand it. Unless spammers are rude and stupid.

Hey, that's a possibility!

Then there's the experimenter. Or I guess that's what they're doing.

They send the spam that's just a bunch of random (or apparently random) characters, often including links to non-existent sites. I suspect they're trying different experiments to see what gets through.

Apparently, they don't understand that if one blog running Akismet or Spam Karma catches them, all blogs running Akismet or Spam Karma will catch them. And this little blog runs both.

And what if they do get through? If the random characters are what it takes to get through, what can they do with it?

One in particular are one person from Fox News. Well, the hits come from Fox in New York. They happen all the time. Always links to a Fox News story, like the one I decided to let through the other day. They usually send a fake email address. Which, of course, violates comment policy. They used a different email address this time. Which didn't immediately bounce. So I let it through. But mentioned that they don't get the joke.

Headline News stories are jokes. I'm making fun of the headlines. It's like they think it's a wrapup of important or interesting news items. It's not. It's a wrapup of headlines that I can make jokes about. Lame jokes, but jokes.

I guess it's my fault that they don't understand it's a joke. If I told better jokes, they'd get it. Maybe. I'm thinking the person is just a dumbass with no sense of humor. At least, that's the impression I'm getting. Just my luck it's one of those smokin' hot babes from Fox News and I'm blowing my opportunity.

Which, in case the Wife is reading ... I'm joking. You know my sense of humor is really bad. Just ask the smokin' hot Fox News babes. Like Brian Kilmeade.

Anyway, it's spam. And I don't understand that kind of spammer.

Then there are the pervs.

The ones that send spam to all different kinds of sites. Usually porn sites.

These spammers actually fall under the other types I mentioned earlier. They aren't getting through and keep trying. They are rude, stupid ... and perverts.

Well, I guess I do understand the thrill in looking at nekkid pictures. I really got a thrill out of that.

When I was 13.

But I don't "get" some of the porn stuff that's going around today. Like one that came in recently with a link to a French AOL site. The topic? "Lesbians pissing".

Really. "Lesbians pissing" was the topic.

Now, that I don't understand. Sure, lesbians need to piss. We all do. And some people get a thrill out of watching others urinate. Urophilia, maybe? Or "watersports."

Okay, I understand that some people get a thrill out of that. I also understand that some people get a thrill out of lesbians. Which explains Howard Stern, but not much else.

But what's the deal with getting a thrill out of someone pissing ... but only if they are a lesbian? If the chick letting it go happened to like guys, it's no longer a thrill?

I don't get it.

And I don't get spammers.

They're rude, immature, perverted a**holes.

And they probably voted for John Kerry.


  1. Hahaha--I have to spend about 5 mins deleting spam in my email accounts and I find it most annoying! Some of it turns my stomach to read and I never open it, but it keeps coming! I've wondered if they think I'll give in eventually or do they think they can harrass me and I'll want what they're pushing? Not going to happen!
    Now about that ham in a can.....yuk.

  2. The people that spam are the same dingbats (being clean this morning) that tailgate you on the road, jump in front of you at the check out, or treat you like you're from another planet because you don't dress "well" - ie: liberals; oops, now I'm being rude lumping poor unmannered idiots into one group. Oh well, if it walks like a duck ...

  3. Careful Basil, you're gonna piss some people off(pun intended)! Well, I'm not 13 anymore either. In fact 37. And I still like to see em "nekkid". I'm a red blooded male. Put my favotite Fox News hotties in Playboy, like Paige Hopkins or Juliet Huddy, and yeah, I'd be first in line at the nearest Spectrum to buy it. But lesbians pissing? That is disturbing, to say the least. It is shocking what some people like to see. I know this was about the spam, and I agree it's annoying as hell. But the content is simply vexxing. Who are the people who wanna see that stuff? And who are the people that think others wanna see that popup at all times, or bombard their email with it? I'd like to know the thought process of someone who would send a leasbians pissing spam? Insanity.

  4. I wish I had the know how to zap anything that ever pops up on my screen. I know there are a bunch of killers and filters and all out there, but you can't get em all. I agree, it is very annoying.

  5. Jon: I use the ZoneLabs suite on my laptop, Norton Internet Security on a desktop, and stand-alone apps on another. McAfee is also a good one, just not my personal favorite. All work well, and any one of the suites (ZoneLabs, Norton, McAfee) would do the job.

    Yeah, you shouldn't have to spend $50-80 just to get rid of irritants, but with the latest spyware and keyloggers out there, I just bite the bullet and pay.

    I don't see I have a choice. Unless I disconnect from the Internet.

  6. Hehehehe =^_^= John Kerry voters... Who says your jokes are lame?! That last line made my day!

  7. They aren't all Jamie Lynn Spears Naked idiots. Some of these spammers are pretty Jamie Lynn Spears Naked clever.

  8. What sucks is that they often send so many that they overpower Aksimet and Spam Karma, then you have to bump up the settings. I have taken to using both filters as of late. I actual had 500 overnight. The spambots need to die.

  9. [...] I was thinking about posting how much I hate Spam (not the meat…the unsolicited e-mail, commercial comments and trackbacks) when I saw this post on Basil’s Blog . While his post is not family friendly, he said things far better than I ever could have said them. I use Akisment to block spam and it does fairly well…better than how I used to block terms and ip addresses after they tried…but I can’t help wonder, as Basil does, why do these spammers keep trying? [...]


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