Friday, September 1, 2006

Headline News 2006-09-01

From ABC News:
How Supervolcano May End Life on Earth
Many lose will to live after watching bad TV movie

From ABC News:
Woman Orders Bears Out of Her Kitchen
Study confirms: PMS more powerful than bears

From ABC News:
Ore. Man Faces 11 Years for Panty Thefts
Fraternity promises to hold a spot for him

From ABC News:
Fury After Ex-Klansman Gets His Badge Back
Okay to be a senator from West Virginia

From ABC News:
Dublin mayor evacuated over 25-yr-old bomb
"Heartbeeps" DVD confiscated.

From ABC News:
Al Qaeda in Drag
Cindy Sheehan explained

From ABC News:
Birds die for decorating drums in India
Surviving birds promise to stop decorating drums

From ABC News:
Mammoth $200M Wind Farm Proposed in Iowa
The flatulence of mammoths is now an energy source

From ABC News:
Manilow Is Doing Well After Hip Surgery
Still not hip

From ABC News:
Glenn Ford an overlooked star in Hollywood
No new roles scheduled

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