Thursday, September 28, 2006

Headline News 2006-09-28

From ABC News:
Tiger-Skin Market in Tibet Flourishing
Detroit residents offer Jim Leyland if don't win AL Central

From ABC News:
German Opera Cancelled For Fear Of Offending Muslims
Jews: "Maybe we should have tried being offended in 1939"

From ABC News:
Ukraine Nazi Massacre Remembered
Ukrainians: "Maybe we should have tried being offended in 1941"

From ABC News:
Yogi's Clerk Slugs Would-Be Robber
Boo-Boo a hero

From ABC News:
Bluetooth Watches to Show Who's Calling
Diet Smith Industries releases new watch

From ABC News:
Golf Great Byron Nelson Dead at 94
Terrell Owens denies involvment

From ABC News:
The History of White House Doodles
History Channel running out of ideas

From ABC News:
The Anonymous Casualties of War
DNC: "Truth, Justice, & the American Way? Never head of them."

From ABC News:
Quarter million Iraqis flee sectarian violence
Not fun any more

From CNN:
Poll: Nearly two-thirds say Iraq in civil war
Violence breaks out over disputed poll results


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