Friday, September 8, 2006

Headline News 2006-09-08

From ABC News:
Bush Talks Terror With Charles Gibson
Compare Diane Sawyer stories

From ABC News:
Virgin olive oil deemed especially heart healthy
Popeye's longevity explained

From ABC News:
Bush: 'Presidents Don't Get Do-Overs'
Grover Cleveland to be retroactively impeached

From ABC News:
Hillary Calls Bush 'Disappointing'
Prefers shaved

From ABC News:
Calif. Redwood May Be Tallest Live Thing
Scientists to cut down, measure

From ABC News:
Arkansas Cow Has Fourth Set of Triplets
Hillary pregnant again

From ABC News:
Blair Won't Set Specific Date for Exit
Hopes Cherie doesn't find out he's dating again

From ABC News:
Group Says Giant Worm Must Be Protected
Michael Moore's friends make stand

From ABC News:
Arrested Paris Hilton says just wanted a burger
Likes eating meat

From CNN:
Scientist: Planet going back to dinosaur era
Og Bush blamed for deaths of T-Rex

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