Thursday, September 21, 2006

Headline News 2006-09-21

From CNN:
The wives and girlfriends at the Ryder Cup
Keeping them apart is golfers' biggest challenge

From CNN:
'The gay guy from that movie' spares nobody
Tom Cruise on rampage

From CNN:
Funeral for nun killed in Somalia
Religion of Peace causes nun to Rest in Peace

From CNN:
Libraries can ban worship in meeting rooms, court says
Pentacostals warned for last time to keep it quiet

From CNN:
Experts rethinking how stars explode
Space terrorists now likely cause

From CNN:
Teacher who burned flags won't face criminal charges
Thankful he didn't pray to Jesus

From ABC News:
Skeleton Sheds Light on Ape-Man Species
Kate Moss tells of dating Pete Doherty

From ABC News:
Ahmadinejad: Iran Doesn't Need the Bomb
Bushs: Willing to send one air mail

From AFP:
US threatened to bomb Pakistan 'back to stone age' after 9/11: Musharraf
Would have set country back three weeks

From Reuters:
Republicans set to announce terrorism trial deal
Will allow Howard Dean to keep DNC chair

From Reuters:
Bill Clinton warns against wide torture approval
"A little spanking" okay

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