Thursday, September 14, 2006

Headline News 2006-09-14

From Canadian Press:
Woman Faces Prison After Setting Boyfriend's Penis on Fire
Misdemeanor charge because it was such a small fire

From KIRO:
Mom turns in son for espresso stand robberies
Told police: "He'll learn to get my order right, next time"

From WEWS:
3 children taken to hospital after overdosing
Too much SpongeBob

From KOAT:
Cop, sheriff, disagree on what went on in parked car
Sheriff says officer kissed him first, cop says sheriff made first move

From KMGH:
City to allow anti-war sign to stay
City attorney: "At least it didn't quote Christ. That would be totally unacceptible."

From CNN:
Outed spook Plame adds Armitage to lawsuit
Attorney: "We might as well include someone who actually spoke with Novak"

From CNN:
Woman, 73, Guilty of Hammer Murder
Ex-rapper mourned

From CNN:
Prosecutors take a look at Paris Hilton
Finally watch the tape

From CNN:
Morocco jails Zotob worm hackers
New Star Trek film plot revealed

From CNN:
Lawmaker wants to shoot Madonna into space
Idea dropped when learned of space agency policy to bring her back to Earth


  1. Thursday's...

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  2. Boy that's gotta hurt Part II...

    Some news from Montreal. I guess this was Ms. Rene's way of saying no to her boyfriend.

    Woman faces prison after setting boyfriend's penis on fire...


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