Friday, September 15, 2006

Headline News 2006-09-15

From CNN:
Muslim fury at pope jihad comments
Peaceful Muslims peacefully riot, peacefully scream, peacefully threaten pontiff

From CNN:
Health chiefs: Don't eat bagged spinach
Bluto's revenge now complete

From WGAL:
Students suspended for basketball hazing
Attorney for basketball: "My client just wants its dignity back"

From WJAC:
Money runs out for Flight 93 memorial security
Flight 93 Memorial now as insecure as Flight 93

From WPXI:
Dry cleaner has face slashed in robbery
Stitches will be ready Tuesday

From WFTV:
Worker ignites gas vapors, gets blown into air
Witnesses heard worker say "Hey y'all, watch this"

From WFTV:
Driver, 91, sought in hit-and-run case
AARP protests profiling of large Buicks travelling 15 MPH with turn signal flashing

From CNN:
House trades barbs, but passes 9/11 resolution
California's Lee now a Republican, Wyoming's Cubin now a Democrat

From CNN:
'Wicked stepmother' sent to prison
Cinderella calls sentencing 'fair'

From CNN:
Mysterious stone slab bears ancient writing
How stone slab bears learned to write still puzzles scientists

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