Friday, September 22, 2006

Headline News 2006-09-22

From ABC News:
Tainted Spinach Suspected in Two More Deaths
Bluto, the Sea Hag mourned

From ABC News:
Calif. Sues Carmakers Over Greenhouse Gases
Unsure how lawyers will get to court to try case

From ABC News:
Cops: Don't Open Door, There's a Gator
Seminole fan calls police

From ABC News:
Palestinian PM Won't Recognize Israel
Should make it easier for Israeli soldiers to sneak up on him

From ABC News:
Hamas rebuffs Abbas
Still needs buffing

From ABC News:
Oldest Writing in the New World
Dick Clark pens autobiography

From ABC News:
Tom Petty Gets Key to Gainesville, Fla.
Must lock up when he leaves

From ABC News:
Tutu Expresses Shame at Anglican Church
Can't believe they'd make a bishop of someone named after a ballerina's outfit

From CNN:
Homes have more TVs than people
TVs demand right to vote

From CNN:
Democrats warn Chavez: Don't bash Bush
Rangle: "Amazed anyone would make personal attacks on the President of the United States ... sorry, I can't say this with a straight face..."

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